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Are you wondering about a reliable control system for your processes? We usually know the performance of the control system that we supply before commissioning.

Or are you wondering about customer functions in the intelligent transport system and active safety area? We can create concepts from ideas using a systematic and model-based approach with auto-coding in mind.

We probably have some of the answers to the questions above and our products can assist you in the areas of process control, intelligent transport systems, vehicle dynamics and active safety.

SafeCont is a knowledge-based company, that actively creates concepts from ideas. Close collaboration with our partners and university researchers and scientists is the key to evolve our products.



Demonstration of a traffic monitoring system for the Swedish Traffic Administration together with our partners Geveko ITS A/S and iGW Europe AB is now successfully concluded.

SafeCont participates in the product development of traffic monitoring systems based on the results of the iRoad Project.