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Our Approach

Model-based development is the soul of our company. The models are often built from first principles and verified to include the important aspects of the phenomena of interest. By building the models on the basis of physical laws several benefits are gained:

  • performance of the control systems will be increased,
  • robustness will be achieved in a wider range of process conditions as good first principle models are valid in a broader context than empirical ones,
  • time to market is shortened as the need for patching will be reduced,
  • building blocks that based on first principles can be reused in other applications (which means that already verified portions of code can be used to build new functionality),
  • and most importantly, maintenance will be much easier as the number of model parameters will be very small.

We work customer function oriented and with system safety in mind. The function is what the customer pays for in the end. Not the system that is only an embodiment of the function. A function perspective is also of great importance for system safety analysis.