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Automotive and ITS

In the automotive and ITS area, we provide services and solutions in the area of active safety (i.e. functions to mitigate or avoid crashes) and traffic monitoring.

Expertise areas in automotive:

  • steering related functions such as lane keeping aid, side wind compensation, yaw stability control by steering etcetera,
  • brake related functions such as yaw stability control,
  • friction estimation,
  • driver drowsiness and distraction detection.

Expertise areas in ITS:

  • traffic monitoring using wireless sensor nodes, such as vehicle classification, vehicle speed estimation, geometrical vehicle properties,
  • traffic analysis based on the above,
  • distributed system analysis.

Active safety functions and distributed systems like ITS are either safety critical or difficult to predict. It is, therefore, of great importance to analyse the system safety early in the concept phase. Otherwise, there is a risk that the function will have many restrictions (low availability) or that the system needed to provide the function will be very expensive. We have knowledge and tools that help us assess reliability and robustness in a short time frame.