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SafeCont provides products and solutions for process industry, the bio-medical sector and the transport sector based on innovation and state of the art research results. SafeCont is a joint stock company in Luleå with representation in Uppsala (Sweden). Some of our key areas of expertise are reliable control systems for industrial applications and traffic monitoring solutions using wireless sensor nodes.

The company was launched in 1999 as an outlet for commercialization of the results of a research project on reliable process control. The research was conducted at the Center for Process and System Automation (ProSA) at Luleå University of Technology, which rendered ProcessIT Innovations in 2005.

In 2002, we widened our representation to Uppsala. Since then we have been working together in a small scale with researchers in the medical area. It became apparent to us that the use of first principle modeling is very beneficial for the understanding of processes in the human body. The key is to link first principle modeling with concepts from control theory.

In 2006, we started to collaborate with OEM's and suppliers in the automotive industry. The focus area is active safety (functions to prevent accidents). The automotive branch created the spin-off SafeMobility in 2009, which was later re-organized to Sentiente+.