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SafeCont offers two off-the-shelf products for the steel industry:

Both products are built as function components that will be integrated in the clients control system and customized (configured) for the clients needs. Maintenance and support for both products are purchasable options.

Additionally, SafeCont is able to provide you with services for assessment and revision of your current control system. This includes controller tuning, control strategies, and operation strategies.


Revision of a control system will not only reduce the number of problems observed by an operator but in many cases improve the production capacity of a process. Such improvements yield a significant improvment in the overall equipment efficiency (OEE).

If you experience oscillations in process variables or degraded performance, the following services will help you:

  • Process system analysis and optimization
  • Design of efficient control strategies
  • Model-based control and fault detection strategies
  • Design and integration of soft sensors solutions

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